Goa Weather – Full Year Overall Weather

Goa weather is wonderful, and it has a unique beauty. If you would like to know the overall information about Goa weather, then you must read this article. Goa is situated halfway between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer, so when you visit, you can expect nearly constant sunshine and highs around 30oC during the day. Goa’s weather is also perfect for an exotic winter sun trip, with nearly no rainfall from November to April.

Goa Weather in November

November is a popular month to visit Goa because the monsoon season has ended, the weather is getting warmer, and the rain has left behind a lush green environment. November offers comfortable evening temperatures, which average around 24ºC, with maximum daytime temperatures of a balmy 32ºC. This time of year is very pleasant for beaches because the water is a pleasant 29ºC, and as November goes on, you’ll notice that there are almost never any clouds in the sky. Considering that now is one of the greatest seasons to visit Goa, is it time to go beach hopping?


Which is The Best Season Visiting Goa

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Goa Weather in December

Goa’s December weather is perfect for escaping the UK’s winter blues and supplying a healthy dose of vitamin D. December temperatures are perfect for beach lovers and those who want to participate in the many festivals and activities taking place in Goa. They are somewhat colder than November, but they are still rather pleasant, averaging at 31ºC. These include, naturally, Christmas and the yearly Feast of St. Francis Xavier. The busiest time of year to visit Goa is during the dry season, which starts in November and December immediately after the rainy season ends. The brilliant blue skies, low cloud cover, and minimal danger of rain make these months ideal for relaxing by the pool or on the beach.

Beautiful Goa weather and beach.

Goa Weather in January

January is definitely a terrific time to go out and explore if you’re hoping to get out and see Goa’s vibrant markets and amazing historical places. With an average temperature of 28ºC, it’s one of the state’s colder months, perfect for exploring Old Goa, visiting the striking Dudhsagar Waterfalls, or meandering through the lively marketplaces. Alternatively, you might still take advantage of the several stunning beaches. Our busiest travel month is January, so make reservations in advance to prevent disappointment!

The beautiful goa weather also offers you good resorts.

Goa Weather in February

February weather is similar to January’s in that it’s a terrific time to get out and explore, with maximum temperatures typically about 28ºC. Because it’s not as hot as it gets, it’s a perfect month to travel because it’s still warm enough to spend a few days lounging on the beach!

Goa Weather in March

March is a great month to visit Goa. If you love the sun and can’t imagine anything better than unwinding by a pool , then you must go to Goa.With average daytime temperatures of 30ºC, this month is the driest of the year. Grab your beach towel and sunblock and unwind by the shimmering Arabian Sea. In addition, the evenings are pleasant at about 24ºC, and there are about 11 hours of sunshine each day.

Goa Weather in April

April, with its average sea temperature of 29ºC and 12 hours of sunshine per day, is another month that is ideal for beach lovers. Additionally, it may be the most affordable time to visit Goa, so keep an eye out for any promotions that are just too wonderful to pass up. Make sure to visit Old Goa at Easter if you’re in town, as there are some fantastic Easter celebrations there.

Goa Weather in May

As Goa gets ready for the yearly monsoon season to begin, the temperature and humidity start to rise around May. Even toward the end of May, there is only a 38% chance of rain, despite the fact that there is a discernible rise in rainfall during this month. Though the temperature doesn’t go much below 27ºC at night, it’s still a great time to visit the state’s stunning beaches if you don’t mind the humid weather. It’s also important to remember that in May, the beach shacks are disassembled in order to make way for the monsoon season.

Goa Weather in June

June marks the start of the monsoon season and a minor drop in temperature as the rainy season intensifies. This month typically receives 868 mm of rainfall, and toward the end of the month, the likelihood of rain increases to 78%. Several beaches are affected by exceptionally high tides for the duration of this monsoon season, which washes away a large portion of the sand.

Goa Weather in July

During July and over the rest of the monsoon season (until September), the Goan landscape starts to transform into a lush green canvas. Tourist resorts are quiet, and average day time temperatures are around 28ºC. Humidity varies between 70% and 95% and by the end of July, the likelihood of rainfall increases to 89%.

Goa Weather in August

Even during this height of the monsoon season, when average highs are only 29ºC, there is still a high probability of precipitation—above 80%. This time of year, vacation spots are still empty.

Goa Weather in September

The monsoon season starts to wind down in September, with an estimated 252 mm of precipitation falling during the month. September sees an increase in water temperature, and by the end of the month, the probability of rain falls to about 56%. The cloud cover gradually breaks, but the relative humidity stays high.

Goa Weather in October

Now that the rain and clouds are gradually moving away, Goa’s temperatures are rising once more, and the city’s more enticing, clear blue sky are beginning to appear. A little quantity of rainfall may still occur, but it will diminish considerably throughout the course of the month. The following tourist season officially begins when average high temperatures reach 32ºC, and resorts start to come alive.


December is an excellent time to do some things, like visit Goa, since it’s usually colder than the summer. If you don’t like swimming in the ocean, you might want to see the aquatic life in Goa by going on a submarine excursion.