Visit Sajek Valley-An excellent tourist spot of Bangladesh

Beautiful view of Sajek Valley.

Visit Sajek Valley and full-fill your dream. One of the most well-liked tourism spots in our nation right now is Sajek Valley. The only sizable mountainous region in Bangladesh is found in this scenic tourist spot, which is in the southeast of the nation. . Your heart will melt at the breathtaking sight of the mountains and cotton-like clouds. However, You can enjoy a plethora of captivating tourist attractions in that Valley, including sky-touching mountains covered in deep forest and dramatic clouds that will make your trip seem like a dream come true.

If you’re thinking of taking a vacation to Visit Sajek Valley, you might have a few basic questions like:

Firstly, how can I reach to Visit Sajek Valley?
Secondly, ideal period to travel to that Valley.
Next, attractive locations in Sajek and
lodging and dining establishments.

 Full descriptions of how to visit Sajek Valley

Wonderful view of Sajek Valley.

Dhaka to Khagrachari (Sajek)

Although Sajek is located in the Rangamati area, the most straightforward and practical route from Dhaka to Sajek is via the Khagrachori area. At first, you must take the road from Dhaka to Khagrachari. Then, it is necessary to choose the form of transportation that best suits your needs. You have two options for getting there: you can take a private vehicle or choose from a variety of AC and non-AC bus options, such as Hanif, Saudia Paribahan, Shyamoli, Shanti Paribahan, S. Alam, Eagle, BRTC, Saint Martin, Relax transport, and others. An recommendation is to get your tickets a little early if you intend to visit during holidays.

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 Khagrachari to Sajek

It will take approximately two hours to travel the roughly 70 kilometers between Khagrachari and Sajek. You must reserve a Jeep or Chander gari to go from Khagrachori to Sajek since the winding, maze-like hillsides are quite uneven. Most significantly, if you don’t have a skilled driver, traveling will be extremely challenging and dangerous.

Your next destination after leaving Khagrachori will be Dighinala, which is roughly 23 kilometers from the town. For security purposes, the army checkpoint there will require you to provide them with all of your personal information. Furthermore, as no one is permitted to access Sajek after 5 p.m., you must ensure that you arrive there before that time.

There, you will go with an army escort, which is only offered twice daily. You will thus have to wait till the following day if you happen to miss that. When you go to Dighinala, if you have time, you can also go to Hazagarh Jhorna.You will travel through Bagaihat, Machalong Bazar, and Ruilui bazaar en route from Dighinala to Sajek. The rolling hills and verdant horizon will eclipse the fatigue of the journey.

Perfect time to visit Sajek

Sajek Valley’s beauty is seen throughout the year. Every season unveils a new hue in the unparalleled splendor of nature. Winter days are ideal for taking in the frigid temperature and breathtaking scenery, but the rainy season is the best time to enjoy the weather in between dancing clouds. You can enjoy the water falls during the wet seasons, and they are primarily dry throughout the summer.

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Attractive places in Sajek Valley

Sajek’s lovely vista is one of its key draws. Your heart will be won over by the breathtaking valleys and mountain ranges concealed by a cloud cover. There are three types of nature in this amazing place. During the day, it can get quite hot, but as the sun sets, it cools off. The location has its own charm during the rainy season; one mountain has rainbows formed when it rains. It is genuinely a fantastic encounter.

1.Sunset view of this Sajek Valley

Mesmerizing sunset scene of Sajek Valley

Sajek’s splendor is continually revealed from sunrise to sunset. When you Visit Sajek Valley. one should never miss the dawn or sunset. The Helipad is the ideal location to see this view. The vast, clean sky will begin to shimmer just after sunset, revealing billions of stars. You can observe indigenous people’s way of life by looking about while you make your way back from there.

1.Konglak Hill

Wonderful konglak hill of Sajek Valley.

One of the main draws for visitors to Sajek is Konglak Hill. The Lusai community resides in the last settlement in Sajek Valley, Konglak. The Karnafuli River’s source, the Lusai Hills of India, is seen from the Konglak Hills. There is a two-hour journey through Ruului Para that leads to the Kamalak fountain. Many people also go by the names Padaam Toisha Jharna or Sikam Toisha Jharna for this lovely fountain (waterfall). Rainy season is the best time to visit these waterfalls

3. Indigenous people of Sajek

The Sajek Valley’s indigenous population is an ethnic minority. Notable among them are Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Pankua, Lushai, and Sagma. Here, women appear to be more active participants in the economy. Women predominate in food restaurants, tea shops, and roadside marketplaces. In general, people are kind, hospitable, and amiable. There, picking produce first thing in the morning is a big business. Although the younger generation speaks English confidently, they do not speak Bengali fluently.

Accommodation & Restaurants facilities

Beautiful hotel of Sajek Valley

In Sajek, there are over fifty resorts and native cottages where you can spend the night. If you’re planning a trip, making reservations in advance will help you secure a high-quality hotel with a breathtaking view. This location is usually occupied because it is a popular tourist destination. You will have an unforgettable time in the echo-friendly cabins. The majority of the villas guarantee a quite lovely outlook. The Army constructed a lovely resort, but in order to stay there, you must get permission and make reservations through Army officials. Additionally, there are other more reasonably priced cottages and resorts available, including Sajek Resort, Runmoy Resort, Megh Machang, Jumghor Eco Resort, and Meghpunji Resort.

Every resort has food arrangements, so if you let them know in advance, they’ll make the appropriate plans for you. You should also try dining at the nearby eateries, which provide pretty good food. You can even sample the indigenous people’s preparation of native cuisine. They cook excellent Birani  within bamboo and their tea and they serve them in bamboo cups, are definitely must-tries. The restaurants also serve delicious BBQ dinners that are sure to please. When you Visit Sajek Valley, one should never pass up the opportunity to try these.


You should spend a day or two in Khagrachori on your way back from Sajek. There are stunning old Buddhist temples, the Horticulture Park, the Alutila Guha cave, and Risang Jhorna waterfall. Numerous plant nurseries offer a range of floral fields, making them an excellent location for a photo shoot.

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